Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big OOPS !!!

I totally forgot the sole reason for going back into the wild!!!

........ it was to get this monkey for Michelle LOL !!!

Thanks again to SA Tourism.

These little blighters don't sit still for a second!

Enjoy Michelle, this one's for you!





Michelle said...

What a cute little devil (the cute ones, not teh evil ones..) were these the kind invading your holiday! Sorry, but I find that wonderful, what great stories to tell!

Denise said...

Yip, these were the Great Invaders of our bathroom! Cute, yes, devilish, most surely, very comical and very entertaining and rather cheeky but so lovable!

Chris said...

oooooh it looks like you have been having an amazing time Denise and I have loved looking at all of your photos... blimey they are awesome.
Thanks for popping by my blog and for the welcome back... it's great to be blogging again...I missed it lots.
Chris xx

Ana Baird said...

really lovely!

Candace said...

Sweet. And rascally! Invaders of the Bathroom. Hahaha... so glad you had such a grand holiday here.

Maybe I need to make one of these fellas sometime.
Big Hug,