Thursday, December 17, 2009

More I cannot ...

.... say! I have not produced any major works of art, I've not cleaned my home adequately. I've not done anything adequately. Lame ass, actually ..... but tonight I got this ....

To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter;
to be thrilled by the stars at night:
to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in spring...
these are some of the rewards of the simple life.

John Burroughs, 1837-1921
American Naturalist, Essayist and Teacher
Take care and keep creating!
Big Hugs to all
P.S. To all my followers/commentors, Thank You! I have not been very loyal lately but the NEW YEAR has resolutions and I will do my best to track you, in the best and loyal way possible.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It’s DARK and ……..

………….. lonely in non-cyberland! and I was worried and scared! and so I hid!

..... there was a flash of lightening! ... it was too close for comfort ..... it took out my screen, router and DS's laptop .... enter comp tech geek (and insurance company) .... new laptop and screen ...... 4 days later ..... wam bam and thank you mam ..... another strike ..... router gone again .... lodge complaint with telephone company ...... have to leave for G/Town to fetch DD from 'varsity ... pack up, pack trailer in 6 hours flat ...... contend with road construction ...... and total fear of 18 wheelers ....... loads and loads ...... get home in pieces ... nerves shot to whatzit .... still no INTERNET ..... major tech tel geek! WOW he was awesome, gave us loads of tips to combat our problem and his mobile/cell number if we have problems again.

Memory is blasted by this stage. Can't remember who issued what challenge, for when and where and why and who knows, so, if these are a duplication, WE had a Senior Moment! A problem shared, is a problem halved! RIGHT!!!!!

Totally goofed right now and ready for bed. It's Hubby's birthday tomorrow and the family will be here in force. Better I get my butt to bed!.
Take care everyone and enjoy LIFE, it's the only one right now!
Huge Hugs
oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ( guess I owe)

P.S. Both ATCs are up for a swap!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bush-wacked …..

......... We’ve just had a few wonderful days getting back to nature. Hearing the crickets and swatting bugs and then hearing them big fellas, LION but not actually seeing them! Disappointing but then ……. nature does not perform on the command! The Bushveld is very dry. The rains had not yet made an appearance. The Impala females hold back on producing their young until the first rains! We saw many very heavily pregnant buck! And we were hoping for rain just so that they could be relieved of their burden. It didn’t happen while we were there! Nature has its own time!

Hilda and Sam over at Lots To Do announced their next challenge using a stamp, metal and paint (not necessarily in that order)

So this is my offering!

The base on my 4 X 4 was scrunched up tin foil. Does tin foil constitute metal? I couldn’t take the chance and so added the metal flourish! Then, upon reading a magazine my dearest SIL brought for me from the UK, a technique jumped out and bit me on the nose (i.e. I hadn’t tried it before now) acetate, glue, alcohol inks and cling wrap.
The image is from June over at Art Freebies (thanks June) I smeared Vaseline over the parts I didn’t want paint on, then painted the whole picture with acrylic paint and when dry, wiped the paint off the image. A bit messy but that’s why kitchen roller towel was invented LOL and then I stamped Daydreams a few times in black and white.

Take care everyone and keep creating and as always, thank you for visiting.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bad blogger …….

…….. that I am! Sometimes that thing called Life gets in my way! Anyhoo, as they say in this jargon that I’m still trying to get to grips with, here’s what I have been doing in the ‘in-between’ moments of Life.

Ellen at Scrappanic shared a technique using gesso, chalk and baby wipes with me.

Thank you Ellen, I had fun!

With this one, I went according to the instructions. The image didn’t stamp too well as I think I over did the ‘thin layer’ gesso bit! I’ll most likely trim her down and use on a card. I have two female family members who have birthdays coming up in December, so I guess I still have some prep-time, (translated, that actually means, fix boo boo)

Now this one, I worked back to front and used calico (thin cotton material) instead of cardstock. I stamped my image first, then gessoed the background, chalked and then wiped the baby (“,)

This is what happens when one wants to print out lovely images from June at Art Freebies.

I set the printer in motion, went to do something else and came back to find that my colour cartridge (bless its soul) was running low on juice. In fact so low, that this is what the images looked like.
Up pops Life again. We all know the saying, ‘If Life gives you lemons, make Lemonade.’ So here is my Lemonade ATC in the Pink!

I used my favourite passion of the moment, corrugated board, gesso and chalks!

Enjoy, have a wonderful weekend and keep creating (even boo boos are OK, in fact they are more times than most, more FUN)

Take care.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

How generous ……………………….

……………………. CarolAnne is having a give-away! And I mean a GIVE-AWAY. What a bumper package, full of gorgeous vintage goodies.
Carol Anne is also very generous with her lovely vintage images! Please hop on over to her blog and see first hand what the goodies are and sigh (as I do) at her vintage photos and cards. Thank you Carol Anne, you really brighten my day.

To all who visit and take time out to leave a comment, thank you so much. No matter how dull the day is, weather wise or otherwise, a comment makes me smile and I can tackle the rest of day – nasty spider bites and ulcers too!

Take care and as always, keep creating (no, not havoc!) those beautiful creations I see on your various blogs!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Plea ……….

…… came from Victoria for Erin's young neighbour who was involved in a serious boating accident. They can’t cope with any more flowers and teddy bears but would love to receive cards. Please check out these two blogs for the full story and if you can send a card, I am sure it will be most welcome. Paige is 13 years old and needs all the LUV us card making bloggers can deliver.
Here’s my card (2D and stickles don't show too well humph)

Thank you for supplying the image Victoria. She will no doubt feature on more cards (if I may)

Take care and be good to yourselves and thanks so much for visiting.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prize Challenge …….

…… over at Dezinaworld June’s challenge is to use WINGS and the prize is a fabulous Ten Piece Luxury Vintage background set of digital backgrounds to print and use whenever and whatever you want. You can also use them for digital art if you do any or add them as backgrounds on blogs or web pages - PLUS …. You also get your choice of any one Dezinaworld collage sheet you want. Now, how awesome is this Prize?? June is not only offering this lovely prize but on her other blog Artfreebies she has gorgeous free images! Thanks June!

So ……………… here is my contribution!

I painted a piece of 4 x 4 corrugated (recycled wine box LOL) a bright yellow. The wings are from KarensWhimsy (lots of great free images) which, you guessed it, I Glimmer Misted. The image is from Artchixstudio and then I messed with alcohol inks on a piece of transparency. The wording Have Wings …………. Will Fly are computer generated. This piece is ‘layered’ if I can call it that. I glued the wings and wording onto the corrugated cardboard, then the inked transparency and then perched the little lass image on top.

As always, thanks so much for visiting and leaving such great comments. It’s makes my day!

Have a wonderful and creative week.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Spring has sprung ..

.... and them dapper young lads are sporting their bestest Spring outfits and singing their sweetest of melodies to attract the lovely ladies!

Over at LotsToDo the challenge was to use tissue paper. I folded, scrunched and mushed tissue paper and then glued the strips onto the base (one cuppa soup box) I dry brushed with acrylic paint and was done in no time!

This young birdie is an image supplied by the wonderful Cora at Digital Two for Tuesday.
Okay, so I combined two challenges again but I didn't miss the bus!

Enjoy the rest of the week, take care and keep crafting!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Got my grubby ….

…….. inked stained and paper cut paws on some Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angles! What fun!

Instead of using cardstock, I decided to see what the effect would be on calico. I did have the idea of eventually making a 4 x 4, so I misted the calico using Yellow Daisy. When dry, I used a 4x4 template/guide underneath the calico and stamped my 9 little lassies. I then punched out 9 1” squares out of ordinary printer paper and temporarily stuck them over my stamped images and misted with Bronze. Unfortunately, the Glimmer is lost in the scan! It does look rather 'washed out'

When I noticed that the mist had ‘pooled/collected’ I misted a piece of water colour paper with Yellow Daisy (again). The thought, Reduce, remake, Recycle, etc etc, Reuse was shouting, so I used it to soak up the excess and lo and behold this is what the result was. I stamped my 9 little ladies again and bingo. Again the Glimmer got lost!

Should I try this again, I will try to find a better way of sealing the punched squares over my images. I think if the ‘borders’ were more yellow it would have come out much nicer. The Bronze ‘bled’ too much! Oh well, as they say, ‘You live and learn’ And I have learnt!

This is my contribution to the LotsToDoChallenge It seems absolute ages that I sat down and made something! The background is from a piece of 'my playing with my new goodies'

Oops, missed the bus with this one!
Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is .....

..... as close as we got to seeing lion!

A painting in the loung/sitting room at the chalet we stayed in! ummmm better luck next time.
Take care and have fun with all the challenges out there.

No …… I wasn’t ……

…….. abducted by Aliens!
Hubby and I disappeared into the Pilanesberg National Park for a week. What bliss! Not too many people and few cars. Total peace, quiet and harmony. If we were any more relaxed, we would have been in reverse LOL!

These are just a few of the photos I took.

Red Hartebeest

Giraffe licking a salt slab

White Rhino

The rain clouds were gathering …………………………..
but very little action! 5 and a half drops of rain and then the sky cleared.
Pity, because there is nothing as special or exciting as
a full blown storm in the middle of the bush.

This was taken just as we were leaving a water hole.

Ah well, it’s over for another year. There is nothing like the African Bush to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.
Take care, be kind to yourself and enjoy the rest of the weekend. And thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stop the ……

…………… the world, please ………….. I need to get back on …………….!

Where the b*&&$!* h*## (lost in translation) has the time gone? I go a surfing of my favourite blogs, think oooh that’s a great challenge and when I look again the next challenge, from the same blog is ‘nipping me in the bud’
Cora thank you for this image. She will be the main ingredient for a special card to a special person.

Oh what can I say June This image is just so wonderful and will pop up very often. Here I printed her out on a piece of calico and "Pinked" her with flocking
I'm just coming out of hibernation, but nature is cruel. Just when I think Spring is showing signs, it gives me a fat smack, which says 'back to thermal undies missy'. I must admit I am tired of looking like the Michelin 'Woman'.
Take care everyone, enjoy the last few weeks of summer (because it's heading MY WAY, and hehehe will be here for the next 9 months or so......)
Love to all and thank you for stoping by and leaving such great messages and comments. I do appreciate.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yip, Lots ....

...To Do ... Hilda issued the challenge to Recycle. So I did! The Knorr cardboard was the base. The next bit was left overs (no, not the mince!) the bit left over from the wedding invitations that I made for a friend, really, is food on everbody's mind?!?!?!

The lady's face was a smudged, almost landed in the bin image and so almost gone and the dragonflies are from the packaging packets from Crafty Individuals. That's two out of three. Does that qualify, Hilda/Sam?
Have a great week everyone and do what you love and enjoy and thanks for visiting and thanks so much for your comments. As fellow bloggers, you know that it means a great deal.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I hardly …..

…… ever do this!
That is, combine two challenges. I guess there is always a first time.

Cora at DigitalTwoForTuesday has supplied us with lovely images, once again.
The challenge over at Hilda/Sam's LotsToDo is to use acetate, somewhere and somehow.
So, in my a tissue, a coughing, and a wheezing and sneezing moment, I came up with this!

I printed the lovely lady onto acetate, mounted her onto cardstock and (carefully) cut her out. It's an ATC. The 'water' background was created using CB Distressed Stripes(?) Dragged a chalk slap over and added a dash of Stickles, a yacht charm and sun itty bits. The 'sand' is stip of cork from my stash.

Roll on Summer. August is almost upon us. August brings the winds, which brings the September rains, which heralds Spring. Do I sound just a tad impatient? Well I am. I need the natural warmth from the SUN, not an un-natural heat heater, that requires electricity!

Take care and keep well and thanks so much for visiting.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yummy Blog .....

...... Candy. June over at Artfreebies has started another blog called Dezinaworld and has luscious candy up for grabs. Please pop on over and have a 'sneak peek'
I wish you well with your new venture, June!

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative week.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Ah..ah… ah…

…..AHTCCCHOOOOO! Bless Me! Sorry about that! There are some things we can control and then there are some we cannot.
I never knew that I could get bronchitis and ‘flu by reading fellow bloggers blogs, who were inflicted. This new technology is actually ‘deadly’
So, before my face ex/implodes again (sneezes) this is what I managed in the vast creative field. Pretty pathetic, but it’s hard to read the challenges when said face explodes in sneezes, tissues and tears obscure vision, connection between brain and fingers short circuit and pet dog emits deadly gases, loudly, so much so that he awakes himself. Thank goodness my nasal passages are blocked and so do not allow offensive smells to invade.

This is my contribution to the LotsToDoChallenge The theme is Paris. I have been to France but not Paris. We stayed in a park home area called St. Jean de Monts. It was lovely but dang the weather!!!! Beautiful blue skies! Gather buckets and spades and by the time (seconds) you get to the door, it has clouded over and is bucketing down! Cruel!
That's Life I Guess and sooooo .....

Take care and keep well.

Keep warm in the South and keep cool in the North. I won’t laugh and say the situation will soon be reversed. We need Winter to appreciate the new beginning of Spring.

Hugs and love and thanks for visiting and leaving bits of YOU


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful Images ...

..... again from Cora at DigitalTwoForTuesday I played with my crayons, paints and cuttlebug again.
(ooops, a tad skew)

These will no doubt play centre stage on cards. With these lovely ladies Cora is providing, I am thinking of making a set! Either to package as a gift or as individual cards.
Have fun everyone and enjoy what you do and as always, thank you for visiting.
Big Hugs

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just one ....

.... Challenge! How weak/slack/pathetic is that??? I suppose I am using my energy to keep warm but that's really not a valid excuse, is it? LOL I need to find my boot straps. Probably would find both at the same time and pull at the same time and land up, most un-ceremoniously on my rear-end! Yes Candace I can hear you laughing!!
Anyway, here is my contribution to Cora's DigitalTuesday The background paper will be stunning printed out on either gold or silver. Playtime! when I can unfreeze my hands and stop the cramping ....

This started as an ATC and then grew to a hanging whatzit. I coloured her using Aquarela pencils my DS used when he was still at school doing art (11 years ago) and then just added a bit of bling (Stickles) Maybe another embellie for a heritage page? What do you think?
Keep 'cool' fellow crafters and have a great week doing what you enjoy!
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thanks to ...

...... Hilda at LotsToDo for the challenge this week. It was to use ribbons, lace, materials, buttons and/or anything haberdashery. I used a teabag to dye the the lace, butterfly and bits of the photo!
Doesn't she have a delightful look on her face? This little lady is from Carol She is gorgeous!

Take care and enjoy and thanks so much for your interest and comments.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please meet ...

..... Tara! Doesn't she have the most gorgeous wide eye innocent look? Victoria offers these digi stamps every so often to do your 'whatever takes your fancy" Take the plunge, it's fun.
I so do not do digital scrapbooking because I am so not photoshop literate. But I have, with the help of DD managed to save images, printed and coloured and painted.
Have GREAT week


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Challenge ...

..... Cora over at ClearlyVintage has started another blog! It's called DigitalTwoForTuesday She supplies two 'digital stamps' and we have carte blanche to create whatever takes our fancy! How cool is that? I must say, being a paper, scissors and glue person, I hesitated. But then, I can print the images and do my paper, scissors and glue thing and I get to use my crayons and re-connect with my inner child. Now that is 'uber kewl' (I believe these are the latest buzz words) This is my card contribution to the challenge.

I do hope everyone is having a supa dupa week. And thanks to all for visiting and leaving great comments.
Take care and as a good friend of mine says (words to the effect) Do More Of What You Love!


Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Winter ....

... and I look and feel like a combination between the Michelin Man and the Oros Dude!
Thanks again June . Awesome freebies!

Being Winter, my dark side is coming out! It's cold, it's miserable and it's not nice BUT we don't have the snow and the ice. Mercy Me, That Rhymes!
I'm hauling my frozen butt to bed! Have a wonderful week, be kind to yourself, love and be the best creative creature you can be!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Having some ......

....... fun with freebies from some of the very generous ladies out there!
The image was from June and for the background I used the shaving cream technique (again) from Sam I just love this image!

For this ATC I used TH alcohol inks for the background, stamped the ferny/flowers and, of course, my flavour of the month stamp which I stamped onto a transparency. The dry leaf blew in while I was busy, so promptly got picked up, inked, varnished and attached!

I used images from Debrina for this ATC. I just love the shy look on this little girl's face.

Have fun everyone and have a fantastic crafty week. Thanks to all who visit and leave such great comments.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A simple and ....

.... and gentle piece of art today. A 4 x 4. I played with my flavour of the month stamp. I stamped her onto a transparency and then used LuminArte paint to colour the flowers in her hair. What a pity these paints are no longer available (I only found them in March this year!!) OK, so I'm slow on the up-take LOL!

I then stuck her down on Crafty Individuals paper (it's just soooo lovely, I adore it) and used a ....... I don't know what to call this 'yarn' as the border. It picked up on some of the colours in the paper.
It's not 'done' as I feel it still needs a little something. A sentiment, but what? I don't want to detract from the background because I really like it the way it is. I don't feel the need for bling (sorry Chris ) I will sleep on it and if anyone has ideas on how to finish it, I will surely appreciate it.
I am a tad brain deficient/challenged at the moment. I have a little voice, a bit like Minnie Mouse On Helium, hence my current nickname, mOh!
Have a fabulous weekend, be kind to yourself and take care. And thanks so much for visiting!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Every so often ...

... I get meaningful messages. This is one of them.

Good evening fellow adventurer!

Yesterday I watched a small bird flying VERY fast, disappear into the canopy of an oak tree. So dense were its leaves that it was impossible to see what happened next, though I can tell you it remained inside. I wondered about how the little bird found its opening through the leaves at such a speed, and then manage to gently alight its fragile body on the branch it chose to land, all within a FRACTION of a second.
Not to mention the impossible to imagine flying maneuvers required, the banking, the curling, the vertical and horizontal stabilizations, the deceleration and landing.
Memory? Calculation? Not in that tiny brain. Instinct? Maybe, but how does instinct know which way the branches of a tree have grown, when no two are the same?
That little bird JUST KNEW.
It knew... in spite of NOT being able to SEE HOW things would work out... that if (and only if) it stayed the course, THE DETAILS would be taken care of... that an opening would appear and a twig be found. In fact, had she slowed down ENOUGH to carefully and logically inspect the tree first, the prudent thing to do, she would have fallen to the ground.
Kind of like us reaching our goals. Neither memory, nor calculating, nor instincts are the deciding factors, but faith.
The Universe
Take care everyone and enjoy life!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OK.... so .....

.... I am soooooo behind in my catch up that I am actually in reverse, but I am trying to get there.... (hot air and all LOL)

So, over at Hilda/Sam's LotsToDo some time ago (eons) was the black and white challenge! Found this poor lost soul under the the wedding invitations I was making for a friend.

And then from the same challenge site from Hilda I found the 'cracked' challenge under .....

........ DS's GF's present which was a photo collage for her Dad's 60th Birthday!
I have since done a 'sort of' tidy up but it was rather quick because our weather is nasty at the moment. I would never shape as an eskimo.
Those up North enjoy the sunshine and warmth and us in the South will just cuddle and huddle.
Hugs and Love and Warmth to all and most importantly, Keep Creating

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shoo ... two ...

.... books in two days! No wonder I have eye strain!
That's thanks to wireless that doesn't work after computer got fried! But it wasn't the end of the world. We're now back to cable and we can now all connect (all five computers)

I can't see what he's saying, but I would think something like, 'Yes, we did it! Back in the land of communication" Well, Hello Again! I have so much 'catch up' to do.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the glorious sunshine!




Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To err is human ....

.... but to really foul things up, requires a computer.

Unfortunately, evil troll does have powers. This is first time in yonks that I can actually get to my blog and post. Hopefully I can PUBLISH POST. Oh S*****T 'Cannot contact blogger, will retry! My grey hairs are multiplying by the thousands.

I'll stick with Harlan Coben's The Final Detail. At least I dont need electricity, a generator or a computer or the internet! But I do miss being able to visit blogs and chatting!

Hugs and love



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Due to a ......

..... power outage this past Saturday, my hard drive got FRIED, well and truly!

I tried holding a candle behind the screen but it didn't work! Can't understand WHY!
Got my 'puter back today and have been trying to see what is lost and what is not.
Valuable lesson learnt, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE

So please forgive me for not visiting any blogs and not doing any challenges this last while.

Love and Hugs to All



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Silent Catch .....

.... Up on ABAA I found the parrot! Do I get a Noddy Badge?

What a gorgeous lace collar! Jaqi you are soooooo fortunate to have these wonderful photos of your ancestors. I hope I have done your Aunt justice.

Thank you to all who have left such great comments.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playing catch up ....

...... I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. There is so much going on that this adle brain is battling to cope. So I decided that the only way was to grab the first challenge my mouse fell on .... Hilda

It's a laugh a minute in this household because I see the challenges and think to myself, geez that's great, then life happens in the meantime and when I look again the next challenge is up and I haven't even thought the last one through. Is it just me? Someone is messing with Mr/Mrs Time.

So I bid you all goodnight and thank you all most sincerely for your lovely comments. They are appreciated more than you know.

Warm Hugs

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You June ..

... for giving me this Award. Much Appreciated. And now there are the rules, regulations and conditions .....

..... here they are :-

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Link back to them.
Copy the logo into your post.
I have to tell you 7 things you may find interesting about me.
Nominate and
Link to 7 Kreative bloggers and let them know by leaving a post on their blog.

Missus June, you are fabulous and I sincerely thank you, once again for this Award.

1. I have a weird sense of humour (according to people who don’t know me well)

2. If you’re my friend, you’re my friend, come hell or high water or fallen trees in lounge area.

3. I am not afraid of my own company. I scared my own socks off a long time ago and came to terms with what I have.

4. I am like a lioness when it comes to protecting my family (my Lion included)

5. I am a self confessed hoarder. Like THAT is SO unique?!?!?! Be honest now.

6. I love being in the African bush. Except for the mossies and ‘roaches!

7. I’ve not done anything marvellous, fantastic, earth shattering or awe inspiring …..
but I have bungie jumped and I still have my wedding dress after 34 years!

Here’s my list of some of the many talented and wonderful bloggers I’d like to share this award with:-

Jaqi who’s always there for me when I come unstuck.
Candace who tops up my humour levels on a regular basis.
Hilda who supplies me with loads to keep me out of mischief.
Sam who answers my thick questions pronto!
CarolAnne who has the most amazing images.
Elizabeth who is so informative and does great digital art and finds inspiration everywhere and anywhere and shares her finds.
Cora who is so generous with her marvellous vintage stash.

Cookie Sunshine. You are on my list too. Please start up your blog again. You are an amazing artist and such a good friend.

These ladies create a balance in my life. Each and every one is unique and I am so grateful and thankful that our paths have crossed.

Big hugs to all and thank you so much for your wonderful comments.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MIA .....

.... because we were celebrating our beautiful daughter's Graduation.

She has done HERSELF proud and her Mom, Dad, Brother and Family. You Go Girl! We are so proud of you, we are bursting with LOVE and admiration of and for you.
Know you are loved.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Been playing again but ……..

…… I have not been very ‘challenging’ this week due to the fact that my daughter arrives home from university today for the Easter vac. This Mother goes into overdrive, overload and over-do-it.

Serious Now :) Sam who’s helping Hilda out over at LotsToDo told us to, words to the effect “BOX IT” I used the technique Sam at TechniqueZone demonstrated with photo frames and the Cuttlebug magic machine and acetate and inks and and and … I don’t know of metal foil tape (if someone can enlighten me as to who the manufacturer is) So I used a thin ribbon from my stash to secure/bind my box.This is a scan and the colours came out soooooo different ……

and thought, take a photo ….

…. The colours are still not right!

Anyway, we’re still on the playground. I’ve got this thing about corrugated cardboard. My latest IN THING. I stamped onto ClingWrap, doing a sort of Mask It Move! I then spread some liquid glue over the corrugated cardboard that had been gessoed and painted with one of my favourite colours. The ClingWrap moulded itself over the corrugated board and looked rather ‘kewl’

And then I stamped one of my favourite stamps onto ordinary brown, lunch box, butcher paper. It seeped through so I flipped the image and glued it behind a photo circular frame, attached a piece of acetate to a square frame that had been sent through my CuttleBug, inked and mounted it onto a piece of my shaving cream experiment. This will no doubt form part of a card at some stage.

Love Life, It’s the Only One You Got Right Now!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for all the wonderful comments.