Saturday, September 5, 2009

Got my grubby ….

…….. inked stained and paper cut paws on some Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angles! What fun!

Instead of using cardstock, I decided to see what the effect would be on calico. I did have the idea of eventually making a 4 x 4, so I misted the calico using Yellow Daisy. When dry, I used a 4x4 template/guide underneath the calico and stamped my 9 little lassies. I then punched out 9 1” squares out of ordinary printer paper and temporarily stuck them over my stamped images and misted with Bronze. Unfortunately, the Glimmer is lost in the scan! It does look rather 'washed out'

When I noticed that the mist had ‘pooled/collected’ I misted a piece of water colour paper with Yellow Daisy (again). The thought, Reduce, remake, Recycle, etc etc, Reuse was shouting, so I used it to soak up the excess and lo and behold this is what the result was. I stamped my 9 little ladies again and bingo. Again the Glimmer got lost!

Should I try this again, I will try to find a better way of sealing the punched squares over my images. I think if the ‘borders’ were more yellow it would have come out much nicer. The Bronze ‘bled’ too much! Oh well, as they say, ‘You live and learn’ And I have learnt!

This is my contribution to the LotsToDoChallenge It seems absolute ages that I sat down and made something! The background is from a piece of 'my playing with my new goodies'

Oops, missed the bus with this one!
Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of the weekend! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments.


Ana Baird said...

wow! I love it Denise! Great technique!

Jaqi said...

These are stunning they look super come i didnt get a pic of these in an email?
I love them they look so vintage ....just fab.
I know what you mean about the glimmer not showing up on the photos, its a shame but i think they are fab. They are great images that you have used also are they from a set? Thanks for sharing , Jaqi xx

Candace said...

Well, I have to say you did NOT miss the bus at all, missus. I do understand it is not what you were going for, however, Denise and I know how aggravating that is!
Still, these images are fun and fantastically imaginative, the way you've done them!
Take care.
Candace in Athens.

Ellen said...

gorgeous wallhanging , they look great .