Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is .....

..... as close as we got to seeing lion!

A painting in the loung/sitting room at the chalet we stayed in! ummmm better luck next time.
Take care and have fun with all the challenges out there.


Candace said...

Well, that is still about as close as some folks want to get. LOL.

I KNEW you had to be off on some big adventure. Little did I know it would be a miss adventure since you did miss those lions. Or is that on purpose? ha!
Thanks much for sharing. Glad you and Hubbs are back!
Candace in Athens x

Jaqi said...

I think this is close enough LOL........goodness me, didnt want you to end up as lunch missus ! Glad you are back I missed you and I missed your fab emails. Jaqi xx