Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JFF .... More than ...

....... 4 edges is the Challenge this week, err last week!

When I saw this on Susan's blog which can be found here I thought it just fitted the challenge. It's called "Double Display Card' and folds to fit into a regular size envelope. It's not complicated at all. You just need to know your valley and mountain folds. I think it still needs a bit of work. Because I used Bazzill as my base, it's rather thick and needs to be held together when folded, so a bit of ribbon to tie it all together would not be out of place. The images are freebies from Dover, printed out on transparency and the side bits are Hot Off The Press, Diamond Folds.

My fingers are sore from the itty bitty cutting and my ankle is sore too! I was stung by a bee today. In all of my 56 years, I have never been stung, but a stinger got me good today - probably because I put the sprinklers on near their hive because our rains are taking their own good time in arriving! Really, what is the good of seasons when they don't arrive on time?

Take care and enjoy this wonderful world of creating that we have ....... created!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

JFF .. Say it with ...

....... Words! This is the challenge from Just For Fun this week and here is my contribution. The words don't seem to be very clear in the pic but then again they are thought related. They say:-

'I wonder where my thoughts go?'

I so missed the bus (again) on the previous of the previous challenge which was Black, White, Silver and 1 colour.

I guess I was too pre occupied with our annual visit to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. We so look forward to this week, once a year. It's a time we take to reflect on all the beauty around us.

Rather a modest Miss Ellie. I wouldn't tangle with her though, notice the broken tusk on the left. When those ears go up and start flapping, get out of her way. You are cramping her space! And besides, she is taking a bath! Privacy Please!

Now this fella you really don't want to be near! Not when he's in a good mood or in a bad mood. He may only be yawning but when those jaws close and you are anywhere near, you will be sore, if you're still alive. The locals love it when hippos have a fight. They take giant size bites out of each other that can provide meat for a family for a good few days.

These beauties are just so spectacular! Unfortunately we were not fortunate enough to see the leopard this trip. They are very shy and selective so I had to rely on a postcard picture. The little cub must be male! So aggressive or is that protective as far as his Mom is concerned?

Oh dear and here we have a White Rhino Mom and her baby who is about, maybe 4 years old. These wonderful, placid, docile, won't hurt anyone (unless you are aggro) are being mercilessly hunted and mutilated by the Chinese for their horn. There is a misconception that the grounded powder of the rhino horn has aphrodisiac properties. It's a cruel practice for a 'one night stand or more cruedly put, sh&g) It's just so cruel that it puts me in a tail spin!

Now, these this 'little so ugly that only your mother can love you' beauties are our Wild Dogs. They are as rare, almost, as fowl's teeth. Don't mess with them. They have extremely strong jaws that will make you into chop suey in two shakes of lamb's tail. Shame, they do look like a splatter of black ink on a labradore. Seriously, a pack of wild dogs can take down a buffalo. Nah, don't mess with these chaps! Unfortunately, we didn't see them and I had to rely on someone else to get down and dirty to get the pic.

Our donkeys in football jerseys, aka Zebra. They are aplenty and so are the Impala. No end of a source of enjoyment. They stroll past our little chalet without a care in the world.

What a Wonderful Week. Thankfully the maruading monkeys and baboon have been persuaded to seek easy food elsewhere.

Take care and keep creating!


P.S. I was so scared to rectifying spelling and grammar mistakes because when I did half my post disappeared. I do so apologise for bad spelling and bad grammar! Blogger is mechanical and does not have a human and/or functioning brain. Nuff said ;)