Sunday, January 17, 2010

I made a …………………….

………………. CARD! I have no idea who it’s for but I made a card! I think my mojo came back with Cora's most delightful young Princess dancing amongst the flowers.

It’s about time, about my mojo, that is! She/he has been missing/hiding/running away/playing hookie/silly buggers/annoying and being down right RUDE! Since when does something/someone just go/disappear, without a cheerio or how’s your father or a word about how long, where, why, when or what? Holidays are O V E R HunnyBun! It’s shoulder to the wheel and/or grindstone time. Translated that means getting back to some sort of routine fun time, creating time and having a blast time. All those in favour, please leave a comment!
And this is my card and my Ramble for the day LOL!

Take care and let’s keep encouraging and inspiring each other. We’re Really All We've Got!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Hail oh ……………………

……. 2010! Happy New Year Everyone.

We are all on the same page ……… yippee …….. THE 2010 page, that is. (Forget that it’s Day 5 of 2010 already)

I do hope everyone had a good festive/holiday season. Ours was family orientated and therefore quiet.

The days of wild parties are over. The old bones can’t take the punishment anymore and for some reason the eyes can’t stay open ‘til the wee hours LOL! Alas, gone are the days when we would party all night, go home when the sun was rising, bath/shower, change and then go off to work. Ah, to be young again. Actually, if the truth be told, been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wrote the book and most certainly would not try it again, any time soon. BUT, what I wouldn’t mind is, to go back in time with the knowledge I now have.

I read somewhere (please don’t ask where, can’t even remember where I put my memory pills) that, words to the effect, at school we are taught lessons and we are then tested – in life we are tested and then learn the lessons.

So, therefore, I’ve decided that this year I need to be a more frequent blogger. I need to be a better friend. I need to respond far quicker than I do. I need to do more challenges and will support those where it doesn’t matter whose product is used and where you have a reasonable ‘response time’. (Some of us, are slower than others ….. hehehe) There are quite a few challenges where one needs to be invited (struggling to understand that logic – Exclusive Club Status?) Can anyone care to explain this to me? I most probably still have a long road to travel to reach ‘Diva’ status! Tough! (Please don’t hold your breathe, all in good time!)

So, therefore (at the risk of repeating myself) I will do what I can reasonably manage, (thanks for the nods up Candace), what appeals to me, makes me happy and excited and can help minimise my stash of paper and embellies, thanks Jaqi Our plan will work.

Here’s to 2010 and may it be the best ever! Keep Positive, Keep Doing What You Love and that is Creating, being Creative and Enjoying.

Take Care All You Special Beings Of The Creative Nature.