Sunday, January 17, 2010

I made a …………………….

………………. CARD! I have no idea who it’s for but I made a card! I think my mojo came back with Cora's most delightful young Princess dancing amongst the flowers.

It’s about time, about my mojo, that is! She/he has been missing/hiding/running away/playing hookie/silly buggers/annoying and being down right RUDE! Since when does something/someone just go/disappear, without a cheerio or how’s your father or a word about how long, where, why, when or what? Holidays are O V E R HunnyBun! It’s shoulder to the wheel and/or grindstone time. Translated that means getting back to some sort of routine fun time, creating time and having a blast time. All those in favour, please leave a comment!
And this is my card and my Ramble for the day LOL!

Take care and let’s keep encouraging and inspiring each other. We’re Really All We've Got!



Chriss Rollins said...

How dare our Mojo's go walk about just when they please.

Would seem yours is defo back lets hope it gives you some warning next time and then you could bribe

I'm in favour.

Chriss x

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Such a sunny, funny little artpiece!

Jaqi said...

HEHEHE, Mojo ? walkabout? absent without leave? I know the very feeling.....but not for long, this is such a sweet little card , how cute is she? We are going to have a busy crafting year ahead, I can feel it, so its probably best we have had a rest LOL, Jaqi x

Jann said...

What a cute card, Denise! Oh, and I KNOW what you mean about the Mojo--I have been so un-mojo-vated lately! Maybe it's all the rain we've been having here; I have no energy when the skies are gray, and that's actually the best time to be indoors working on art stuff! Go figure . . . Have a great weekend! Smiles, Jann

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise, hope all is good with you my friend :)
Lovin this its such a cute card
hugs June xxx

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh Denise, this is such a darling card...I just love it!! You did a beautiful job!!
Lots of Love,
Carol Anne

Anne's Cards said...

What a loveley card Denise,i love the stamp!So cute!

Ana Baird said...

stunning Denise!

Candace said...

Definite favour, dear Denise. It seems like you are going to do it to it as we say here in the Southern Part of the Northern Hemi.
Great great little card, I love it.
You are indeed always a delight!

Your Pal, Candace x

Anonymous said...

She is adorable.

I've missed you too.


Linda L. said...

Bright and sunny, I think of Spring...adorable.