Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank You June ..

... for giving me this Award. Much Appreciated. And now there are the rules, regulations and conditions .....

..... here they are :-

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Link back to them.
Copy the logo into your post.
I have to tell you 7 things you may find interesting about me.
Nominate and
Link to 7 Kreative bloggers and let them know by leaving a post on their blog.

Missus June, you are fabulous and I sincerely thank you, once again for this Award.

1. I have a weird sense of humour (according to people who don’t know me well)

2. If you’re my friend, you’re my friend, come hell or high water or fallen trees in lounge area.

3. I am not afraid of my own company. I scared my own socks off a long time ago and came to terms with what I have.

4. I am like a lioness when it comes to protecting my family (my Lion included)

5. I am a self confessed hoarder. Like THAT is SO unique?!?!?! Be honest now.

6. I love being in the African bush. Except for the mossies and ‘roaches!

7. I’ve not done anything marvellous, fantastic, earth shattering or awe inspiring …..
but I have bungie jumped and I still have my wedding dress after 34 years!

Here’s my list of some of the many talented and wonderful bloggers I’d like to share this award with:-

Jaqi who’s always there for me when I come unstuck.
Candace who tops up my humour levels on a regular basis.
Hilda who supplies me with loads to keep me out of mischief.
Sam who answers my thick questions pronto!
CarolAnne who has the most amazing images.
Elizabeth who is so informative and does great digital art and finds inspiration everywhere and anywhere and shares her finds.
Cora who is so generous with her marvellous vintage stash.

Cookie Sunshine. You are on my list too. Please start up your blog again. You are an amazing artist and such a good friend.

These ladies create a balance in my life. Each and every one is unique and I am so grateful and thankful that our paths have crossed.

Big hugs to all and thank you so much for your wonderful comments.



Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Denise,
What an honor to receive this beautiful award from you, thank you so much! You are so very sweet & kind to think of me! I am just thrilled with this award!
Carol Anne

Jaqi said...

Aw Shucks....Thanks Denise, you are so kind, but its me who should be thanking you , for all the laughs you sent my way...Cheers Jaqi x

Ana Baird said...

Congratulations Denise on this award! You really deserve it! Thank you for visiting my blog!

sam21ski said...

Well done for receiving this award

Thanks for passing it on to me Denise xxxx

Donna Childree Gotlib said...

Thank you so much. I am glad to be back.

We are in crisis today as I sit with Elizabeth. She is not well. More soon.


Cora said...

Thanks Denise! You are so sweet!

tammi1221 said...

Who says you haven't done anything marvellous, fantastic, earth shattering or awe inspiring?
You are a marvellous, fantastic, earth shattering AND awe inspiring mother!!!!! :-) and you inspire me every day just by loving me :-D
love you lots mommy
love, me, your daughter