Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OK.... so .....

.... I am soooooo behind in my catch up that I am actually in reverse, but I am trying to get there.... (hot air and all LOL)

So, over at Hilda/Sam's LotsToDo some time ago (eons) was the black and white challenge! Found this poor lost soul under the the wedding invitations I was making for a friend.

And then from the same challenge site from Hilda I found the 'cracked' challenge under .....

........ DS's GF's present which was a photo collage for her Dad's 60th Birthday!
I have since done a 'sort of' tidy up but it was rather quick because our weather is nasty at the moment. I would never shape as an eskimo.
Those up North enjoy the sunshine and warmth and us in the South will just cuddle and huddle.
Hugs and Love and Warmth to all and most importantly, Keep Creating


sam21ski said...

These are both fab Denise, thanks for posting them and linking them to the Lotstodo Challenge site - Sam xxx

Anne's Cards said...

I love this work,great borders!

Jaqi said...

these are great Denise, Sorry i havent visited in a while.......im naughty i know ! its ages since i visited everyone , i just dont know where all the time goes too, well i do....its called Scrapbooking hehehe. Glad we talk everyday by email though LOL. Jaqi x

Ang C said...

Great pieces