Friday, April 30, 2010

I know …..

……. I have been pretty pathetic lately. Guilty as charged Your Honour!

Where the time has gone, I do not know. Where the challenges have gone, I do not know. I’ve missed so many buses lately. Like this one from Jeanette at Blogger is playing silly buggers or I am doing something wrong. I can't link!

When I printed out the image, I got a rather washed out look and so changed the colours and then tried to reprint it and gremlins took over and changed the size too! How spooky looking is this?

I am now going to hibernate. Being an African, I can! See you in the Spring/Fall! Maybe before, then and only if and when I can fathom out what is actually happening with blogger!

Take care all those from the North enjoying the sunshine and those of us in South, snuggle!
Hugs and good wishes



Jaqi said...

Oh I like this image Denise, and I agree it does look quite spooky, but interesting all the same. It reminds me of those photos of Amalia when she was dressed in those stage costumes, do you remember the ones I mean?
What are you going to use it for? or did I miss that? if so sorry . Well I like her shes fab xx

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

I like the image too Denise...have you made anything with it yet? I am enjoying the forwarded email messages you have been sending, you are such a sweetheart!
Hope you're doing well. Have a beautiful week dear friend!
Hugs & Love, Carol Anne