Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What the ............

.... 'BLEEP' is going on with Blogger?

I have jumped through hoops and loops trying to get to the bottom of my problem, which is I CANNOT UPLOAD IMAGES TO MY BLOG.  It seems that Blogger decided to do some changes (in April, I think) and 'forgot' to inform it's followers and going by the comments on Help, under the query of CAN'T UPLOAD IMAGES TO MY BLOG, are doing diddly squat to help those bloggers who have a problem.  We do seem to be in the minoritory. Blogger's mentality seems to be, 'It's only a few, so why worry, sweep it under the carpet and if we ignore it for long enough, it will go away.'  What Blogger doesn't realise is that those with the unsolved problems will find another platform and their followers, will change and follow. In the long term Blogger will not be the victor, unless they resolve problems experienced by it's users.
The only reason I could Add an Image was by changing to New Editor and going through old photos in Picasa. So any new scans or photos are ..................................... who knows.  Rather frustrating, like I need this.
But it won't stop me from making my cards and playing, even if I can't share and enter the challenges.
Take care and keep creating.

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crafty creations said...

Hiya love - how frustrating is that and very naughty of blogger to take no damned notice. I changed my settings back to everything the old way and now, for the time being anyway, am having no problems

Hope you get it sorted soon

Hugs Hilda