Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have you ever .............

................ wished you were someone else? We all have at some point. But eventually we come to realize that the body, mind and circumstances we were born with - even if they seem 'imperfect' to us - can all be used to create a beautiful and meaningful life. The choice is always ours - continue to wish - or accept and improve upon the gifts we've already been given.

Ron Atchison

The Mayor of Inspiration Peak

More 'Choice' Quotes The Christmas Envelope

It's a crying shame that I have not been able to produce something/anything original for some time. 2011 will be better, I hope.

Take care and big hugs to all




Ana Baird said...

Hi Denise! Sorry I haven't visited you in while. Time flies and sometimes it's not easy to blog regularly. I was only doing 4 times a month before I started making Christmas cards and decided to do it more often so I can showcase them all before this Christmas & year end.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your creations in 2011. Your work is very artistic and has always inspired me too.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anne's Cards said...

Hoi Denise
Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment.Hope everything is OK with youre mom ?

Jaqi said...

Hi Denise, Happy New Year, heres hoping we get the chance to get some serious crafting done this year , it doesnt seem 5 mins since we made our resolutions last year to do just that. Where has the time gone too? hope everyone is well and we will speak soon im sure xx

Dezinaworld said...

You have some beautiful posts to share Denise, this is another lovely thought
hugs June xxxx