Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rusty ....

...... just does not begin to explain me, me and blogger or me and any art work!

I was prodded by a friend to give it go! The theme is Anything! Just give it a go! Anything you've made. Just give it a go! So here is my bit of giving it a go at Anything.

The image is a freebie from Vintage Workshop. Every Saturday evening we have a music programme called Bandstands. They play delightful tunes from the 1920's to 1970's and last night they played Sailing along on Moonlight Bay sung by whozit and whazit! Don't remember who sang it but thought that the two go together.

And then saw that oops, my ink cartridge is rusty too! Correction, it's running on empty! Oh well, I tried! And then noticed, are they up the creek with just one paddle???

My prodding friend, Jaqi can be found here and the challenge Just for Fun is located here

Take care and keep cool or warm depending on where your space is.



Jaqi said...

Rusty? you? I dont believe it......Welcome back My best blogging friend Ive missed you and Im glad you are here. Love that atc, where do i find a bloke like that to put his arm round me? lol, Maybe we could trade eh? I will be speaking to you by email but im pleased to have been able to pop over to your blog and see your work. Keep warm and I will catch you soon :-)

Zoechaos said...

Hello Denise not seen your site for a while, well done Jaqi prodding you to join us at Just for Fun.

Lovely romantic image and of course I love all the background story. thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun do hope we will see you again. XOXO Zoe

Dolly Daydreams said...

Hi Denise so glad Jaqi prodded you your card is lovely ! Also love your humour you cracked me up ! Hope to see more of your work


Neet said...

Thanks for the smile as I read your blog entry - love the card -thanks for sharing with us at JFF - Neet x

crafty creations said...

Hello my friend - great to see you back in the land of blogger - thanks Jaqi xx Love your posting, and such a fab card xx Hilda