Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Long, Long Time Ago –

a year ago to be precise, I was introduced to ATCs by Bonnie!
These are a combination of paper and transparency and then I edge sealed them using a friends’ melting pot (thanks Tracey) and UTEE (I think, Ultra Thick Embossing EEEEEEE?) Just shows how clued (glued) up I am! Or would this fall under the multi media umbrella?!?!?

None the less and suffice to say, I had fun making these and they are up to trade. If you’re interested please e-mail me.

NOW, all of you reading this, GO and have an awesomely creative and wonderful week and may you be blessed with all that is good, positive and FANTASTIC!

Speak again when my muse decides to come out of hibernation or back from vacation/holiday/MIA/ or whatever reason it decided on.
Huge hugs to all


Bonnie said...

My muse went and hid a long time ago and I can't seem to find her again! I can do the digital thing fine, but can't remember the last time I got out my paints and art journal or made an ATC! And I can't believe it's been a year already for you! wow! awesome!! I love your ATC's Denise

Ana Baird said...

beautiful and stunning!

Chris said...

Denise they are just divine... each and every one of them. I haven't used UTE but I've heard its fun :)
Chris xx

Chriss Rollins said...

great ATC's your blog is looking great
chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...


Jaqi said...

Very Nice, You have doe a great job with these, Ive looked at the melting pots and been very tempted once or twice but have never actually bought one, do you recommend them? Jaqi

Cookie Sunshine said...

What pretty ATC's. You do beautiful work Denise. I always love seeing what you have come up with !