Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Breast Cancer ...

....Awareness Month. My Precious Friend Cookie is having a give-away (one of her delightful and gorgeous drawings) to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please hop on over to read all the details. This is such a worthwhile cause.

and then I was .....

by Jaqi

Five random facts about me:-
1. I don't wear dresses. Much more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.
2. I eat chocolate very very very seldom and gave up coffee a looooong time ago (had to, I was on 15 cups a day)
3. Just love quiet at home weekends with my family.
4. I am a dedicated hoarder (still have our first grocery list and till slip from 33 yrs ago)
5. I say thank you everyday for my family and my friends.

... and now I would like to tag the following lovely ladies ...


Thank you for stopping by and your much appreciated comments.


Cookie Sunshine said...

Hi Denise, I have you listed on my sidebar. Thanks so much for playing!

Jaqi said...

Great answers, I thought I kept stuff a long time but not a shopping list from 33 years ago, thats great, make it into a layout then you can keep it for ever, LOL. I love the little tag, its lovely, Jaqi x

Ana Baird said...

Thank you Denise for the tag and for sharing a little more about you. Will post it soon. Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Loved getting to know you better and I would say you are DEFINATELY a dedicated hoarder if you can keep a grocery list and till slip for that
Chris xx

Jane said...

Hi Denise
Congrats, what am I on about? well you best pop on over to the paper girls blog to see LOL
Me a hoader? yes, no, yes, no... Oh ok then, I can't tell a lie!! YES hehehe