Saturday, November 1, 2008



.... but in this case they don’t know what they are talking about.
They are not being helpful at all.

So, I need to ask a more reliable source for help. YOU!!!

Here’s my problem ….. I would like to make a book like thingie to house my ATCs. They (the ATCs) have told me that they do not want to live in a box any longer! (See, I do listen to some little voices, some of the time) I am trying to oblige them. But when it comes to making a book, this crayon is not the brightest!

I made this frame thingie, using the Fiskars Photo Corner Slot Punch. Please disregard the torn right hand side corner (didn’t really want to bring your attention to another of my mishaps) but if you’re laughing, I may as well make a good and thorough job of it. Back to the frame thingie. This will be pasted onto the page of the book, so that, should the ATC be required to wing its way across the world, it can easily be removed.

If any of you Angels out there can help, I will really appreciate it.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Huge Hugs


Becky said...

Wow wish I could help you. Im just a nurse,LOL Im sure someone out there can. Good luck to you, great idea!

Chriss Rollins said...

loving the atc and never noticed a thing 'till you pointed it out then i had to look real close with a magnifying glass.
I keep mine in pockets that get clipped into an A4folder.
there are 13 on a page and clear.
I have often thought about doing what you have ...only slightly different,
do you remember the corners our older generations held their foto's in with...wonder if they would work?
Tanda sell the clear pockets to fit in an A4... cheapest I have found and good quality.
chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...

update there are 9 on a page...wot was i thinking about lol. x

Jaqi said...

Im sure somewhere I have the instructions on making a folder to house atcs....Im looking and if I find it I can scan it in and send it to you, give me 24 hours to go through my stuff as ive got company today, but i promise i will look in the morning. Jaqi x

Bonnie said...

Hi Denise!
Agg, wish I could help, I keep mine in a box too. I know someone on flickr who had a cork board and displayed them all on there...was quite pretty. Otherwise you could press-stick them to card stock and then put the card stocks in a 12 x 12 album-will make it quite nice to page through!

Chris said...

Fab atc Denise and love the corners you did with the punch. ROFL at the little voices... I listen to them too ha ha ha... you just made my day!!
I use a book that is meant for kids footie collection cards to store my ATC's... you can buy them in most newsagents for a couple of £s.... but watch my blog cos I am going to be making something decorative to store some in too and it won't cost you a lot :D
Chris xx

Denise said...

Aaaww thank you so much girls for your input. I'll be trying them all!
Hugs to you all

Jessie James said...

Denise how about using photo corners? You know those things we used in the olden days to stick photographs in albums. Then you can use a ring bound album and your A for away

Candace said...

Denise, a friend said when he first met his wife, she had a black eye. Because she had a black eye, he really looked at her. And then he realized how beautiful she was (and is).

Remember that, the next time you think you have a mishap. It is the flaw that shows us true beauty.

I am so loving that last illo. One of the Fey! -- and on a bubble, to boot. Fun!

voodoo vixen said...

I have made mini books for ATC's - just blank pages between covers and I stick the little plastic ATC baggy type things to the page so I can remove them and see who made them for works! :) I think one of them is on my blog.