Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well ....

... we're off to fetch DD from University! I do hope the weather holds as it's a long journey and I don't think my brollie is big enough to protect us both! And I don't know how we are going to attach a trailer to this!

DD has been at 'varsity for three years and from next year she has to find digs. Rhodes University only allow students to stay in res for three years. Luckily she has found place in the Graduates Village (commonly termed as the Retirement Village by her wacky parents) She is bringing everything home, including her kettle, sandwich toaster, fifteen pairs of shoes and Psych text books! Why are textbooks always soooo darn heavy? And then in February next year we have to lug the whole lot back, plus what she'll need to furnish her new abode. I'm thinking Stuttaford Vanlines (removal company) and her travel weary parents grow wings and fly down!
No, seriously, our DD is an absolute pleasure and gorgeous too! Don't know where she got it from! Oh, the brains, definitely from her Dad. The rest must be a throw-back!

To one of my special friends Candace , travel safely to London (I'm still the green jealous monster) have fun and enjoy and remember St Martin's and Jaqi enjoy your crop and soup and other delish goodies tonight! I'll be there in spirit ( Scrumpy Jack :) )
Have fun and enjoy this weekend everyone!
Loads of hugs


Becky said...

lol@15 pairs of shoes I guess she loves shoes like me.Hopefully you will have room for her haha. Have a great weekend Denise

Jaqi said...

All those shoes........bring the shoes and leave the rest,hehehe.
Crop day was brilliant , soup and chilli were fab, garlic bread yummy and the very naughty chocolate cake, lemon cake , flapjack and white chocolate chip cookies were to die for, wish you had been here.
Mind I hope the car holds out, hehehe, whose that at the wheel. Have a safe journey and hope you have somewhere tp put everything when you get home, LOL. Speak soon Jaqi xx

Jaqi said...

Hi Denise, Ive left something on my blog for you, JAQI X