Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yea .... right ....

.... here I am trying to be all creative like! This here address book was decorated using tin foil, acrylic paint and touches of antique gold and bronze gilding creme!

Oh, that's 'kewl' translated means 'cool' from my children. I gave birth to them and they speak a different language! Lordy, lordy, preserve me!
I am now off to bed because we have to get Missy M to Uni at sparrow's in the am. A good 9 hour journey!
Take care and keep well and thanks so much for your interest!


Michelle said...

how beautiful! I 'specially love the tag.

crafty creations said...

Wow what a beautiful cover for your address book Denise - have a safe journey tomorrow and a great week end

Squishy hugs Hilda

Candace said...

Just gorgeous work here. Good luck on that trip, too. Nine hours. GOLLY!

Have a restful weekend, then!

June said...

Omg !!! How amazing is this one Denise !!!! Fantastic work my friend. Absolutely KNOCK OUT
Hugs June x

Anne's Cards said...

Great cover,beautiful work!

Jaqi said...

Its stunning Denise, I love it. Bet you had a great time making this, its lovely , Hope you have a sfae journey. Speak to you on your return, JAQI x

Ana Baird said...

Love the texture you've created for the address book Denise. It's brilliant!

Christine said...


Femmy said...

what a great background!! looks really antique this way!
thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment.
have a great week.
hugs femmy