Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I played ....

...... but did not succeed ......

in getting the desired effect! I tried the transfer technique from Sam over at TechniqueZone but I think my 'el cheepo' acrylic paint is not up to the challenge!
If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! That's my motto! I should try following my own advice!!!
With this technique, you paint your background and while still wet place your photocopied image (face down) on the wet background.
You can use your heating gun to speed up the drying process or you can cook your family's dinner in the meantime. Choice is yours! Hubby cooks on a Tuesday! Damn have I got me organised or what!
Then you lightly spritz your paper image with water and very gently start rubbing the backing off your image. My image started 'rubbing off' too, hence the not so successful! But it does give an interesting effect!
What's your verdict!
Thanks for looking and thanks for the comments!
Snow warming hugs



crafty creations said...

I like it Denise - to me it looks like she's looking sadly through the window wondering if her prince will come

Candace said...

Well, I do like this one. It's still art, no matter what you say. LOL. The colour is very nice! A bit different from what one usually sees (pink...) in these lovely pieces.

Good job, all the way 'round.

Anne's Cards said...

I like this,very nice color!
lovely card Denise!

Chriss Rollins said...

How can it be wrong!!!

at the end of the day it's your art.

If you wanted to you could dry brush in places with silver or gold acrylic paint which will give it even more depth.

I have never done a transfer like this but I am going to give it a try ...you have inspired me.

chriss xxx

Jaqi said...

I havent tried this myself, it doesnt look very wrong to me ! it may not be as you intended, but you still got a great result, i like it, well done you for trying something new, Jaqi x