Thursday, March 26, 2009

We have all heard ….

….. the saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’ Well, I am asking that you don’t judge my birdhouse too harshly, because inside, which you can’t see, but I can, is THE most comfortable nest around. It has the softest of softest down feathers, a little water bowl, a bowl with seed and a container with regurgitated worms for the young ones. NO, I did not eat the worms and perform the ritual of partial digestion!

The Birdhouse challenge was issued by Linda and Rosie over at ABAA

I have discovered that when I sent my package to Jaqi I sent my mojo as well! How dumb is that? So now I have to wait a bit to get Jaqi’s package. I have been assured that my mojo is on her/his/its way home! And my friend Candace From Across the Pond has re-routed lost mojos my way! Thanks so much!

I am not a wire worker so therefore I would like to highlight some of the works from our local craftspeople. Apologies Sam&Hilda I have to be honest, I can't do this!

Now I need to know what this technique is called, besides paper piercing! I came across this

when I was playing the clean up game. I used to make all my son’s and daughter’s cards when they were “little”. They are now, respectively 29yrs and 22yrs. I had myself set up with batting and a light box and darning needle. This fellow, for whatever reason didn’t make it onto a card. Shame he’s been tucked away for nearly two decades. Just goes to show how often I play the clean up game! Let me clarify in case some may get the wrong idea. I don’t often play the clean up game in MY CRAFT ROOM. When I can’t find my table, it’s that TIME, but it's the cupboards and boxes and envelopes that hide almost 'antique' qualifiable (is there such a word?) works of art! LOL
Love, Laugh, Live and have Fun! Life as we know it, is short. Be it moments or 100 years!
Love and Hugs to all and thank you to all who pay a visit. I hope that you take something positive away with you.


Linda said...'re birdhouse is definitely an 'aaaaahhhh' - its so sweet! I can just imagine what it looks like inside; so cosy.
I may now go and put lace on our birdhouse ouside......
PS Glad you joined in!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your bird house is very sweet, I too am imagining the soft downy inside :) The only good thing I can see about finally cleaning up a bit in my work room is that I find so many neat things for ideas I had forgotten about! I would rather spend time creating than tidying!

Jaqi said...

I adore your little birdhouse Denise, the package must be nearly there as i see your mojo is returning, this is super, Jaqi x

Rosie said...

How cute is this lil birdyhouse, and I can just picture the interior - in fact I may move in!
Sorry to hear your mojo is missing - perhaps it in the birdyhouse????
Rosie ABAA

Candace said...

Oh that birdhouse is fantastic, Denise... thank you so so much for sharing it and your other works with us here in Blogovia.

Your Pal,xo

Anne's Cards said...

What a sweet birdhouse Denise!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Denise,

playing catch up since clara at the circus.

love the birdhouse the colours on the corrogated card are lovely.

Do hope that your Mojo has arrived back..maybe it could be under all of your bits and bobs on your desk...I found mine there once it had been burried for 2 whole weeks...when I did the tidy up game I found

Hope that you are well, take care.

chriss x
PS maybe just jumped into that lovely down feathered bed behind the door of your bird house. xxxxx

Ana Baird said...

The birdshouse is so cute Denise! Love it! The wire words are great!