Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My First Time

.. so please be gentle !! Thanks to my friend Jessie for holding my hand in setting up my little spot in blogland..


coming_up_roses said...

Hey D- looking fab - welcome to blogland! Your blog is great! Will keep checking it out! Rose

Chriss Rollins said...

hello Denise,

sorry pnly just seen this mail you sent with your blog addy as its not the address i use daily ..please use other addy.
well well well...your header is fab welcome to blogland i am sure you are going to enjoy it.
its 1 45 am here and i need my sleep but i will be back soon
chriss x

Cookie Sunshine said...

I love this little card! How sweet. Just so you.
Sweet and dear.


Jaqi said...

I love this atc Denise, Is it available for trading please? Thank you Jaqi x