Sunday, May 25, 2008

Goodness Grape Juice

Just where in South Africa on the Highveld does it rain in winter?? We have dry winters. The grass turns brown, the bulbs hide away. The Seasons, they are a changing!

Them clever blokes/okes/guys are onto something.

Just imagine a sunny glorious day, on Christmas Day in the UK and it’s a bleeding freezing day in South Africa.
Slipper socks have come out of moth balls, DH wants a hot water bottle and I have a snuggle blanket about my shoulders and a heater at my feet. I AM AFRICAN and do not like the cold – period, full stop or whatever it’s called nowadays. Oh that I could win the lottery and follow the sun!!


Chriss Rollins said...

hello Denise,
It's no different here in the UK i could do with a hot water bottle for bed and i too have a snuggle blanket along with slipper socks and its going into Summer. haha.
if you win the lottery and follow the sun will you take me with you?
have a lovely day.
chriss x Dottie x

Denise said...

Oh that I surely will Chriss! and with pleasure!
Have a great day too!

Linda said...

Good luck with the blog Denise - and welcome to the club! Thanks for your kind comments, I shall be a regular visitor.
Linda x

Denise said...

Thanks Linda, it's a bit like being in the lions den! No freebies, competitions or such, no great shakes art wise, just ME!

Chriss Rollins said...

hey where did you get that fab header.

Healing Expressions said...

Welcome to Blogland Denise! Hope you find inspiration and lots of fun sharing your corner of the world!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hey Denise just LOOOOOVE the fab header... you're a pro now if you can add a header like that... I still haven't got one on my

Sympathise with you not liking the cold... I am freezing when it's 60 degrees in the Hope the weather gets better soon :)
Chris xx

Denise said...

Hi Denise - my namesake! The thought of a hotwater bottle made me smile, we have the air con cranked right up here it's soooo hot! It is lovely but has it's draw backs too. Haven't done much scrapping or atc-ing recently as have been sat round the pool!
I love your blog and look forward to dropping in for a chat. Take care and best wishes. Denise DBX

Cookie Sunshine said...

Please stay warm! I am sending you very warm wishes!