Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh Man ...

.... I tried to be as elegant and stylish as my skunk friend here .....

but I did not succeeeeeeed! I couldn't quite get the 'look'
I'm trying to get back to normal after the Christmas feeding frenzy and getting my home back to

'Home Sweet Home'

Please tell me I am not the only one with this seasonal dilema?!?!

Love and Hugs to all and thank you so much for all your wonderful comments.



Jaqi said...

No My friend you are not the only one......
My house looked like a bomb site in a corporation tip at one point !
Im getting there now though ! Its always the same , we plan all year for it only to be craving to get back to normal.....Oh well heres looking forward to Christmas 2009 hehehe, Jaqi x

Michelle said...

Funny you posted this Denise, This morning I am sitting here watching the sun come up with my tea and I keep thinking, "should I paint today, or should I clean? I should paint, but I really need to clean..."
You are not alone

Anne's Cards said...

You are not alone.... in Belgium it's always the same problem...
buth..relax Denise!!

Chris said...

Well I'm not tidying up... I I'm still in holiday mode :D
Hope you had a fab time... and just so you know I'm not looking as elegant as your skunk either... not by a long
Chris xx

Candace said...

Oh Denise, dear girl. It's not just the looks of the tipping site here in Athens, it's the onslaught of thousands of students coming back from holiday. Yikes.

Looking forward to '09's adventures, arent' you?
Take care!