Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here’s to YOU ….

…. my wonderful, kind, considerate, patient and awesome blog friends! In the few short months that I have blogged, I have made some great friends. People who understand where I came from, and where I am heading. To all who have left such encouraging messages, who have been so supportive, who have laughed with me about my silly mistakes, those who have walked with me and held my hand when life was less than kind, thank you!

My wish for you all is that everything beautiful, peaceful and happy comes your way.

Keep well and take care.
Here’s to all that is fabulous for this New Year 2009.
Love and Hugs


Anonymous said...

All the best to you as well Denise,Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year to you too Denise. Thanks for supporting my blog also!

Candace said...

Absolutely, the best this next year has to offer you and yours. Say, One Day At A Time is having a giveaway... I thought of you and here's the link.

Good luck and happy new year again, Sweetness.

Jaqi said...

how kind and thoughful of you, and all the best to you also. you have been a very true , kind and supportive friend to me and i am very grateful for all you have shared with me. Thank you denise , Jaqi x