Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Challenges ….

…… oh my, this year has well and truly started with some lovely challenges. Jean and Malcolm at Crafty Individuals' challenge actually started last year (to give slow coaches like me living faaaaar south) the chance to get, their get together, together! Jean and Malcolm, my ATCs are in the post! Let’s hope that Postman Pat has not yet retired or eloped to the South of France.

And then the lovely Hilda who also has a challenge spot right here !!

This is my take on Hilda's Time Challenge.
And then we have Rosie and Linda who come up with delightful challenges week after week.
I don’t know how you two do it! You’re both so special and talented. Sorry that I had to pass on the ‘charmed’ challenge.

I don’t make New Year Resolutions, full stop! The simple reason is that I have all the good intentions but then, Along Comes Life, and the wheels fall off, and I land up feeling like I have let myself down, plus others. I am aiming to get rid of the ‘self-imposed guilt feeling’ and will be doing what I can manage AND being honest with myself in recognising my limitations and extensions.
Have a spectacular week and be true to yourself!


crafty creations said...

Hi Denise and thank you so much for joining in the challenge with this stunning art piece - love it

xx Hilda

crafty creations said...

me again - denise would you put a comment on the lotstodo challenge with a link to your work so that other peeps can come look

Nugs Hilda

femminismo said...

Like the flying guy with the pocket watch - fun stuff. I will have to remember to look for a watch to try something similar. thanks for checking in on my blog. Glad Candace got the scarf. Wish I could make one for everybody! - jeanne in Oregon

Anne's Cards said...

a lovely,funny card;love it!!

Chris said...

ROFL... you are sooo funny Denise... "the wheels fall off" lol.lol.lol
Glad I only made one resolution...to get slimmer by giving up chocolate for a while... after my hiccups last weekend I couldn't cope with my wheels falling off so I had better be good eh!!
Loving your atc missus what a fab piece of artwork :D
Chris xx

Jaqi said...

Great atc Denise, Wow what a fantastic facw he has, where on earth did you get that image of that little man? I love him hes great. Is he up for trade? I would love to give him a home if hes available please? Cheers Jaqi x

Denise said...

Thanks so much for all the comments everyone and yes Jaqi he is up for trade. He'll be in the post soon!

June said...

Fabulous and fun. I love this

Kristen Hermanny said...

I love this-love it!!!! This is so neat. I just looked at your ATCs over at Chriss's they are beautiful. You are very talented.