Saturday, January 17, 2009

OK so …….

.….. I missed the bus to Hilda's and her News challenge.

Yes, dear, but you still missed the bus!!!
Ummm my excuses are:- someone tied my shoes laces together and I fell. No, that doesn’t work because we are in the height of our summer and closed shoes are so not practical.
With this heat the sweat dripped into my eyes and I couldn’t read the ‘deadline’. No, doesn’t work either because ladies don’t sweat, they glow! Unless of course if you live in Africa and let me tell you, you sweat! Lady or not! If you don’t then you must be in possession of a high tech internal thermostat or be from another planet! No plausible excuse, so here’s my effort!

I have it on good authority that it's windy and wild in Britain and bleeding freezing in the States! So here's some good old South African warmth and sunshine!
Thank you so much to all who have left such lovely comments, you Girls rock and I just so appreciate each and every comment!


crafty creations said...

Oh Denise you are a star and I wuv you :):):) Your newspaper piece is brilliant and thank you so much for joining the Lotstodo Challenge and making what was a very dull day bright

BTW this week the theme is "keys" let me see what stunning artwork you can come up with preferably before next Friday Night lol

xx Hilda

June said...

Glad you threw some of that sunshine out for us in Britain lol ... actually altho pretty cold, we did see a smidgen of sushine today hehee
Love your work on these two. Its always so lovely to visit and see your makes
hugs June x

Jaqi said...

Ooh this is lovely missus.
What a great card, I love it, Jaqi x

Anne's Cards said...

Great cards,love your work!!

Candace said...

Wow, this is just a fun fun post. Look at what you can do, "miss" or not! I love the gent in that hoity toity hightop. LOL!

Looking forward to seeing your _next_ adventures laid before us like a treasure to which you alone hold the key...!
Hey thanks for the warming effect. It was 12F this morning again. Yowzer.
Your Southern Girl from the Northern Hemi --

Ana Baird said...

They're fantastic Denise!