Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Rude!!!!! ….

…..As I was trying to say ‘Tis very …quiet in Blogland’ Blogger had a hissy fit AND unceremoniously dumped me in the bog AND then Internet got itself totally tangled in its own web AND closed all the doors AND I couldn’t get in AND I had a hissy fit AND hit the off button! AND then Internet sulked for ages AND wouldn’t let me in AND gave me messages, like, check your connection, have you entered the correct address! LOL I am very well connected thank you very much and my Favourites doesn’t miss-spell!

So, now you know! I wasn’t abducted by aliens or washed away by the flash floods that are happening in our jacuzzi/bar areas because workmen didn’t seal the new gutters they put in AARRRRRR!

So I'll light my way to bed

Have a wonderful, fantastic, creative and great week And thank you so much for your comments.


crafty creations said...

How dare they!!!!!! Shall have to have words with him upstairs about that!!!! Great to see you overcome the trials and tribulations of the cyber world

Hugs Hilda

Candace said...

Well, I know how it is... and it sucks. (did I say that? Oops, I did. Now my reputation is ruined. Again.)
Take heart and keep going.
Your Southern Friend in the Northern Hemi

Jaqi said...

hehehe, ive just been reading your blog, you have had me in stitches, speak soon, Jaqi x

Chris said...

How very dare blogger play games with Seems he didn't like me earlier today either... maybe we is
Chris xx