Monday, June 30, 2008

Dottie has arrived ...

safe and sound but exhausted after the long flight.

And hungry too! She says the food was just plain lousy! So we headed straight home for her to have a lovely warm bubble bath and something to eat!

Dottie was taking rather long in the bath! So I went to check on her. Just as I had thought, she was dozing!!!!!

We had supper ready and a mug of frothy hot chocolate with a dash of honey!

That warmed her up nicely! Poor dear didn’t realize that she was visiting in the middle of winter!
She's so sweet and wants to chat but is soooo tired and soooo ready for bed!
We're leaving pretty early in the morning, so Dottie needs all the sleep she can get!
Oh bless her cotton socks! I think she was asleep before her head touched the pillow!

Nite nite all
D & D


Chriss Rollins said...

So pleased Dottie has arrived safe and sound.
thank you to both you and Jessie.
Dottie looks soooo cosy all tucked up ...hope she doesnt get you up too early.
love chriss x

Chriss Rollins said...

Just had another look at dottie and that bubble bath looks so welcoming...the food scrummy and the pink fluffy slippers you have bought her are gorgeous.
chriss x

Jaqi said...

Oh Denise, what fun you will have, and im so glad ive found your blog. I just know you will have a fantastic time with dottie, and she is just going to love africa....Have a great week, Jaqi x

Cookie Sunshine said...

So cute! Just so cute!

Louly said...

LMAO! Denise you made me chuckle, I think I might just hop on a plane for a visit myself if that's the kind of food you serve up!LOL. I'm glad Dottie has settled in so well. xxx

AnnetteK said...

Heres hoping you have a relaxing holiday to South Africa, Dottie!! I'm sooo jealous. Loving the PJ's. Have a lovely holiday Dottie and Denise.

Annette xx

Susan said...

Oh, how exciting to find Dottie visiting Africa! I'm so glad to have found her at the beginning of her adventures this time. You seem like such a wonderful hostess, Denise, she is bound to have a fantastic time! Jaqi, it must make you want to visit too, since you know Dottie so well!