Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I do

…… seriously need to introduce you to Bonnie . She is the lass/young lady/gal who pointed me in the direction of ATC’s and all things altered. Yes, it’s all her doing that dinner gets burnt or just doesn’t happen at all because I’m busy trying to be creative, with the help/hindrance of my DS aka tease, tormentor and pain in butt. Get the picture?!?!?! Bonnie told me about tags and suggested where I should go to see examples. Who says we cannot learn from the youth? Bonnie, you have been so helpful, kind and considerate; I thank you and salute you. You are very special!
P.S.Can't get the link thingie right :(

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jlyne said...

I love your blog.So much Eye Candy.I love the Atc's too and thanks for the link:)