Friday, July 4, 2008

A bit of heaven...

.... this area, Mpumalanga, is my family’s most favourite part of the country and we wanted to show Dottie are much as we could.
These are called Mac Mac Falls -
Originally it was a single drop waterfall but when gold was discovered 1873, within a year 1000 diggers descended on the farm and concentrated their efforts in the stream on top of the falls, thus splitting it in two. There are a few versions on how the name was acquired – One is that when President Burghers, on a visit to the area, saw the list of the names of the diggers, most hailed from Scotland! The other version is that the area was named for the MacClaughton brothers who were the first diggers to arrive.
Dottie much preferred the first version!

There was much gasping for air and panting by the time we reached the top!

But it was so worth the effort. This is a view from God’s Window. Dottie’s comment, ‘Oh this is just so spectacular! I can see for miles! It’s awesome’ (I think she was quite impressed ;) ) She didn’t want to leave but I think (secretly) she didn’t relish the thought of all those steps to get down! (for UK readers, a bit like those at Tintagel) Well, what goes up has to come down!
Oh wow, when Dottie saw these, she was at a loss for words (I think she’s used them all)
Bourke’s Luck Potholes are magnificent cylindrical potholes that were formed by the grinding action of boulders and pebbles caught in the swirling water of the Blyde and the Treur rivers. This site was named after Tom Bourke who never had any luck finding gold. The gold bearing reef was further south! Dottie thought to bungy jump from the bridge may be an idea! I agreed but the rest of the family nearly ran a mile! scraredy cats!

Dottie thought this little village called Pilgrim’s Rest was the quaintest ever!

We went to a little tea room and when the owners realized Dottie was a visitor, the stories began. Firstly how the town got its name. Apparently a miner called Alec ‘Wheelbarrow’ Patterson left the Mac Mac diggings because it was getting too crowded. He was called ‘Wheelbarrow’ because he used a wheelbarrow to carry his worldly possessions, ‘cause its cheaper than a horse and it won’t die of horse-sickness!’ He was known to welcome each new digger with ‘here comes another pilgrim to his rest’. Others say that it was William Trafford, who, when he saw the incredible riches in his pan, said, ‘the pilgrim is at rest.’ Whatever the true story is, we’ll never know, but Pilgrim’s Rest was declared a public diggings in 1875 and the camp had its own newspaper called Gold News, 21 shops, 18 bars, 3 bakeries and 2 banks! Not bad for a tent camp! The shops, I mean ;)

Not everybody who came to seek riches were successful and therefore turned to providing the community with what was necessary, like this baker …

and this wagon builder’s shop!

And, yes they had their bad boys too!

A man was caught robbing someone’s tent. He was duly shot and buried, BUT at right angles to the other graves!!! There was only one Robber’s Grave in the cemetery!! ummm, I guess they didn't take nonsense from anybody in those days?!?!

Yes, I think it’s time to make a move to our next destination!
Hugs and love to all
D & D
P.S. Dottie says she’s had such a ‘lekker’ day today!


Jaqi said...

How wonderful, what a view from the top, I bet you can get some amazing photographs from there. How lucky you are to live near this, everyone of us will be wanting to come and stay with you at this rate...... You are showing Dottie such a fantastic time, and im loving the tour too. Thank you Jaqi xx

Denise said...

You will be most welcome Jaqi! Name the date! These are all places we visit and they are 'amazing' Thanks for your kind comments.

Chriss Rollins said...

fantastic post you have done yourself proud Dottie is not the only one enjoing S Africa... you have the most amazing places to see.
I love waterfalls would go to scotland several times a year and just had to find a water feature.
And pray tell me what is a LEKKER? is that what D said she felt like.
Thank you D n D xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow that is some amazing scenery Denise how fab it must be to live there. I bet Dotty is having a fab time... if I had known how much fun she was going to have I would have pinched her
Chris xx

p.s. theres a little award for you on my blog :)

Kaz Scrapz said...

Wow what an amazing time Dottie is having - I am right behind Jaqi in wanting to come and stay too. xx Karen

Denise said...

Oh Girls, your comments are wonderful, thank you. We do have an amazing country. Our scenery is spectacular. Oh and 'lekker' is an Afrikaans word that has a hundred decriptive meanings. It goes from the taste of food, to a good looking girl/guy, to anything. And when someone says, 'this is sooo lekker' then you must know, it is the ultimate.

Jessie James said...

OMG I don't know what I am going to do with Dottie as Denise has given her such a great time and she has visited so many places. How am I going to top this one. Denise you will understand this one but maybe I will just have to take her for a bit of KFC (sorry girls you have to know the add to get that oneO

Susan said...

Well, Denise, I think this tour you are taking Dottie on is pretty LEKKER! Thanks for the new word and all the spectacular scenery and tales. It's fabulous!

I always knew I wanted to visit Africa one day. Now I want to even more.