Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh so

dapper! For all you 'vintage' lovers out there, this is my late grandfather.
Gosh, didn't he strike an elegant pose. His Mom was probably standing close by with another cane! It's difficult marrying the 1931 diamond digging photo with this one. Chances are both were taken before WW1. There was no date on this one.
To my friends, use this one with elegance and creativity in mind and enjoy!
Warm hugs to all from a bitterly cold South Africa (I can't even feel my thoughts)


Jaqi said...

Ooh Denise, this is a great photo and i am so excited to be able to have a go and see what i can do with it, Is there a time limit on it? Jaqi x

Denise said...

No Jaqi, no time limit! Just have fun!