Thursday, July 3, 2008

On the road again...

We travelled up country today. The Knysna Forests are just so beautiful with towering forest giants such as yellowwood, stinkwood, red and white alders, and ironwood - draped with lichens, monkey ropes and colourful mosses. The glades of ferns and tranquil streams created the perfect place for us to just take a moment and appreciate nature's wonder.

The only sounds we heard were the wonderful songs of the Knysna Lourie. Dottie said it was a bit like a fairy-tale and made her want to look for fairies and elves that may be playing under the tree ferns.

Our next port of call was Port Elizabeth. Sir Rufane Donkin was the Acting Governor of the Cape at that time the 1820 British Settlers arrived and his name pops up everywhere. Some of the historical buildings are the row of double-storey terraced house in Donkin Street which were built between 1860 and 1880

and the Pyramid in the Donkin Reserve which is dedicated Elizabeth Donkin.

This building is the Public Library and was built around 1848. We laughed when Dottie said, ‘These buildings look very similar to the ones back home!’ and then she collapsed laughing when she saw the statue of Queen Victoria (hiding behind the tree) No she wasn’t laughing AT the statue. She hadn’t realised these were built by the British.

We just had to stop in Grahamstown where DD attends university. Dottie wanted to see DD residence but the famous Grahamstown Arts Festival was in full swing and the university hires out the rooms and there were just too many people. We decided to beat a hasty retreat as we still had some distance to travel.

This is what greeted us as we arrived in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

We thought Dottie was going to have a heart attack. She got such a fright but soon calmed down when we explained to her that they were rickshawmen. They take customers for a ride in their highly decorative rickshaws. It’s quite an experience! It feels like being on a see-saw. The more flamboyant they dress, the greater the chance of attracting customers. Dottie then saw all the different coloured beads on their costumes and headdress and decided she wanted some too!!

Doesn’t she look lovely!

And now it’s time to ‘parade’ this young lady to bed!
Hugs to all
D & D


Chriss Rollins said...

WOW what a day you have had.
I am so thrilled to read such a brilliant post, thank you for the information and lovely pictures.
Oh and Dottie her outfit is fantastic she really suits the African colours and the headdress...she looks like she had a fabulous time.
Wonder does miss us...I think not...LOL.
love Chriss xxxx

Jaqi said...

Oh my this is great, how lucky you are to live somewhere like this.
It looks fantastic, very interesting. Glad you are having a good time. Cant wait till the next installment, Jaqi x

Susan said...

What a fab time you are all having. Dottie is really settling in, isn't she? Great costume she has there!

You really do live in a special place. The history, people and wildlife are fascinating.