Friday, July 11, 2008

OK, soooo ……

bad, bad, bad, blogger, but I do have a reason – NO not an excuse! Aunty decided that NOW is the time to move! Her flat has been ‘sort of’ ready for a few days. The garden is still a bit like a concrete jungle! builders rubble, etc, etc.
On Sunday, last week, she made the decisive decision that the time has come! She contacted the movers on Monday and organised them for today, Friday. Who ever thought the thought of TGIF needs a fat smack. In all honesty, not serious at all! They arrived at Aunty’s previous residence at 7:45 and were here at 9:30 with the first ‘fragile’ load. Aunty was installed, lock, stock and barrel by 13:30. They had put all her furniture exactly the way she wanted. All the boxes (meticulously) marked were in the appropriate rooms (damn she’s sooo organized) Aunty even managed an afternoon snooze! Well she is going 77 years old, so I think she is allowed.

OK soooo … ‘cause I’ve been bad, slow, not around, freezing my buns off, I thought I would like to share this photo with you! As regular followers of Dottie are aware, we took her on a whistle stop tour of South Africa. One area we did not manage to fit in was Lydenburg. My grandfather was a diamond digger and this is a photo taken around 1931 of him (enjoying a cup of tea, I would like to think, actually I don't think they could afford anything else) and his team.
My late Granny said, 'If I knew then, what I know now about diamonds ......' the rest is up to your imagination. I think in those times, they sold the diamonds they found to buy food, or the ingredients to make a meal. I seriously doubt whether sliced bread and canned foods were the order of the day.
Enjoy and warm hugs to all


Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Denise,
So let me get this right Aunty has moved into a granny flat attached to you...well not you yourself but your home.
Is she to look after herself or are you to be cooking family meals for her.
I Wish I was as organised as Aunty :))
Enjoy 21st celebrations.
Thanx for sharing that great foto of grandad and his team.
you know the saying Diamonds are a girls best friend.
Have a great day.
chriss x

Jaqi said...

Oh Denise what a great photo of your Grandad and his team.
Wonder just how many Diamonds they actually got.......Ooh it must have been exciting.
This would make a fantastic picture for a layout, and put all the info about the diamonds on it.....(im in scrapbooking mode here sorry!)I love it and I love hearing all the ld stories like this one they ars so interesting. Thank you Jaqi x

Jaqi said...

Oops I meant old. and also Are so interesting....(was trying to hurry and mis spelt sorry) hehehe Jaqi x

Jessie James said...

If you visit my blog I hope you don't mind but I used the photo as the link to your blog. It is just so great and you have so many interesting people in your life.

Love Jessie